Taking Care Of Your Silk Bedding And Comforters

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Now that you have purchased your first silk comforter, here is a big congratulation on that one! Well, we aren’t congratulating you over just another material possession of yours but actually over something very wise that you have done. Experiencing bedding and its benefits is something that everyone should do while these natural resources are still available with us on earth.

So, now that you have invested in the best quality silk comforters, how do you take care that they complete their shelf life without going through any damage or wear and tear? Taking care of silk is no rocket science.

However, there are surely some rules that you must be familiar with before you begin with their daily maintenance. The first thing that everyone needs to know about is how to clean silk comforter sets before ruining their quality. The trick to this is to never use bleach while washing it. The following are some other things that you need to keep note of:

1. Use a very mild or gentle soap and lukewarm water to wash or rinse silk.
2. In case you are thinking about using the washing machine, do so only if the machine has the ‘safe-for-silk’ option on it.
3. Your dryer must have an air-dry property in case you are thinking about using the dryer.
4. Do not wash silk with clothes or fabrics that might cause staining to occur on your silk sheets.
5. Avoid drying silk in direct sun light, because the color of the fabric can fade.

Having read the basic don’ts about cleaning the silk sheets, listed is the process of washing them:

1. The first step is use a mild soap on the fabric.
2. Rinse the fabric well.
3. While rinsing, add around 1/4th cup of white vinegar to clean the fabric.
4. In case there is a stain on the silk sheets, you can use one of the special silk stain removal products available in the market to remove the stain.
5. Dry in a dryer that has an air only setting; else, dry the silk fabric naturally. You must avoid putting the fabric in direct sunlight.

This is a simple enough process to clean silk pillows and bed sheets. Usually, you will get a user manual or guide that will elaborate on the process of cleaning, washing, drying and ironing the silk sheets or comforters. Do read it before you start washing the product.