Temperature Regulating and Durable

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Recently, actress Catherine Bell named Cozy Earth as her favorite sheets in her blog “Cozy”est Bed Ever! We are honored by her praise and wanted to take a closer look at exactly why she loves our bamboo sheets and silk comforter so much.

If we take a closer look at her blog, Catherine Bell explained:

“I have been in need of a new bed makeover top to bottom. I had the same soft familiar sheets and duvet forever but I found myself constantly shifting from being too hot or too cold and always grabbing or throwing blankets and sheets on and off of me to get comfortable. And then in addition the sheets were starting to get torn and finally got to the point where my child almost got her head caught around one of the holes. Need I say more?”

In short, there were two complaints that had about her old bedding:

  • She was always too hot or too cold.
  • Her sheets were torn and had holes in them.

So, how does Cozy Earth’s bedding address these concerns?

Temperature Regulating

The first issue of traditional bedding is that you are never at the right temperature. You’re either swelteringly hot, trapped inside the sauna of your bed, or you’re shivering in the chill night air.

The reason that you are never comfortable under traditional bedding is because it is usually made from cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two. Unfortunately, cotton and polyester trap too much moisture under the covers with you, which increases the humidity in your bed. As we all know, humidity aggravates extreme temperatures and makes it feel even hotter or colder than it really is.

However, Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and silk comforters don’t have that problem. Bamboo and silk naturally keep you at the perfect temperature because both are surprisingly breathable fabrics. As a matter of fact, bamboo and silk wick moisture away twice as fast as cotton and reduce the humidity in your bed by 50%.

If you want to discover more about how bamboo and silk keep you at the perfect temperature all night long, read End the Nightly Thermostat Debate Once and for All.


In addition to always keeping you at the perfect temperature, Cozy Earth’s bedding will never pill or tear under normal use. So, what makes our bedding so durable?

The short answer is that our bedding is made using a proprietary blend and weave. We only use 100% premium bamboo and the highest quality silk to make our sheets and comforters. This means that the fibers in our bedding are stronger and less likely to break apart than their cheap counterparts.

Moreover, by using premium bamboo and silk, we ensure that we only use long-strand fibers. These long strand fibers reach across the entire length of the sheet or comforter, which is extremely important for the weaving process.

In traditional weaving, the ends of short strand fibers are overlapped to create the illusion of one long thread. Yet, over time, the thread ends work themselves out of the fabric, causing the sheet or comforter to “pill.”

Since Cozy Earth’s bedding only uses long-strand fibers, the thread ends are securely anchored along the edges of the fabric. As a result, we completely avoid the problem of pilling and tearing. In fact, Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and silk comforters can last up to 15 years with proper care.

In summary, Cozy Earth bedding is temperature regulating and more durable than any other type of bedding on the market today. We know that you’ll love our bedding just as much as Catherine Bell does that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with every purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and silk comforters today!