The Best Mother’s Day Gift

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

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Your mom gave you the gift of life. She lost countless hours of sleep, staying up with a crying baby, you. She lost countless hours staying up waiting for a teenager to come home, also you. Let’s be real – she’s probably lost more sleep worrying about some of your more questionable life decisions.

Flowers, gardening tools, and a manicure gift certificate are all fine, but do they really convey all that your mom has done for you? How about replaying some of that college tuition with a luxurious Mother’s Day gift this year?

So, what is the perfect present you can give your mother this year to show her that she’s the queen in your life? That’s easy – Cozy Earth’s silk comforter.

Luxurious and Soft

With this comforter, Cozy Earth has taken the ancient symbol for royal luxury and re-imagined it for today. Filled with 100% premium long strand mulberry silk fibers and encased in a gorgeous bamboo shell, each comforter is hand-selected for superior softness and quality.

Cool and Comfortable

In addition to being sumptuously soft, it also wicks moisture away and reduces the humidity in your bed an incredible 50% as compared to traditional cotton bedding. This means that you will never become too hot or too cold when you snooze under Cozy Earth’s silk comforter. Consequently, this organic bedding is perfect for those moms of “a certain age” who are dealing with hot flashes and night sweats.

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Healthy and Hypoallergenic

Is your mom a clean freak? Then Cozy Earth’s silk comforter is for you! This bedding is naturally inhospitable to bed bugs, dust mites, and other microbes. They are also antibacterial, antifungal, and mold resistant – just another reason why Cozy Earth bedding has been dubbed “the cleanest bedding in the world.”

If you really want your lavish gift to last, make sure to pair it with Cozy Earth’s bamboo duvet cover. This duvet cover allows your mom to enjoy all the benefits of silk (such as its soft, smooth texture and hypoallergenic properties) while combining it with the durability of bamboo. Plus, it’s low maintenance – all she has to do is toss the duvet cover in the wash and her bedding is good as new!


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