The Best Quality Crib Sheets for Your Baby

By Cody Wirth | Sep 28, 2017

The Best Quality Crib Sheets for Your Baby

By Cody Wirth | Sep 28, 2017

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events you can experience in your life. While the joys of this addition to your family are certainly numerous, it can be daunting to think about bringing new life into the world, especially if this is your first child. You’ve probably read all the parenting books, and you’ve most likely tapped all of your mom’s and friends’ knowledge about babies. In the end, you’re feeling confident that you know everything you need to know before this baby comes.

However, have you thought about the kind of bedding you are buying for your new child? Unfortunately, a lot of parents stop thinking about bedding after they have purchased the crib and mattress, and then frantically try to choose the sheets at the last minute. What you may not realize is that the types of sheets you choose are essential for the safety and health of your child.

What is the Best Quality?

Most parents have differing opinions on the appropriate way to raise a child, but it is commonly recognized that bamboo sheets are the best when it comes to bedding. Bamboo offers a wide variety of benefits that create a great environment in which your baby can rest, but there are also a variety of health benefits associated with a good set of sheets. Extra fluff and a poor-fitting sheet can actually be dangerous for your child, so you’ll want to make sure you only choose the highest quality bedding.

The Benefits of Bamboo Crib Sheets

It’s easy to grab any old cute, normal crib sheets, but these often wear out fast and don’t offer as many benefits as bamboo sheets. You and your baby can benefit in a variety of ways from when you use bamboo because this material is:

    • Hypoallergenic – Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, which means they create a hostile environment for dust mites, mold, and fungus, but a cozy and comfortable environment for you baby. Simply put, it’s less likely that your baby will be affected by any of those things because of his or her sheets.
      This is especially important because babies’ bodies are so new that they are easily affected by allergies and dust. Kids with allergies typically don’t get a full night’s rest, which can make them cranky in the morning. Children often experience rashes and sensitive skin, too. Bamboo sheets can help regulate such things which means a better night for everyone.


    • Anti-Microbial – After a long day of playing and eating, babies need nothing more than lots of sleep. The last thing you want is for your child to sleep in a bed full of bacteria, especially when you’ve spent all day trying to keep dirty things out of his or her mouth. Bamboo sheets have antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria and keep them away from your baby’s crib.


  • Temperature – It’s vital that your baby doesn’t overheat in the summer or get too cold during the winter. Babies’ bodies have a harder time regulating temperature, which is why you have to help regulate it for them. Bamboo sheets can aid in these efforts because they help your baby keep heat in during the cold and they absorb heat during the hot times. This helps your baby stay at a comfortable temperature through the night.

Making the Switch

Bamboo crib sheets are an investment, one that is definitely worth the price. They are long-lasting and create a peaceful, healthy environment for your child, which is worth more than any kind of price you can put on it.

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