What is a Bath Sheet?

By Kelsi Hicken | Feb 27, 2023

What is a Bath Sheet?

By Kelsi Hicken | Feb 27, 2023

A bath sheet is the largest of the bath towels, measuring several inches larger in width and length than a standard-size bath towel. With its extra-large size, a bath sheet is perfect for wrapping yourself in after a bath or shower, providing the extra coverage that many people prefer. Bigger is also better in terms of absorbency, but the added inches also mean a bath sheet takes longer to dry and occupies more space in the linen closet. Different size towels have their own pros and cons, and which is best to use is ultimately up to your personal preference.


What Is a Bath Sheet Used For?

Like a standard bath towel, a bath sheet is used for drying yourself off after you bathe. Because they are bigger than regular towels, bath sheets are a great option if you like to wrap the towel around you after a shower. Taller or bigger people may also prefer a bath sheet to a towel because it provides more coverage; if you like to wrap the towel around your waist after showering, for example, a bigger towel may be easier to secure and more likely to stay in place. The large size also means that they absorb more water, which can make it easier to dry yourself off.


How Big Is a Bath Sheet?

Bath sheets are usually at least 35" wide and 60" long, compared to smaller standard bath towels, which are usually no more than 30" x 58". There is no exact measurement for either, however, and you can find both bath sheets and towels in a range of sizes. Cozy Earth bath sheets, like our Premium Plush Bath Sheets, measure 35" x 65". This larger size gives you lots of soft, ultra-absorbent fabric to wrap yourself in, and gives you that spa-like feel that many people prefer.


Should I Buy a Bath Sheet or Bath Towel?

Choosing a bath sheet vs a bath towel comes down to a few factors, including storage space, price, and personal preference. The bigger size of a bath sheet means that there's more material to absorb water, but it will also take longer to dry - in the dryer or hanging up. A heavy, wet bath sheet could also be too big for your bathroom towel bar or hook, making it difficult to spread out to dry. You'll need more storage space for bath sheets compared to the same number of standard towels. Bath sheets are also typically more expensive than bath towels, as you'll be paying for more fabric.

A bath sheet is a great choice for people who are taller or bigger, or who just like to wrap themselves in the plush softness of a large fluffy towel after a shower. It's difficult to wrap your hair in a bath sheet, however, and all the extra fabric can really weigh you down. If you prefer a quick, efficient drying off, you might prefer a smaller towel, which will also usually take less time to dry.

Ultimately, the choice between a bath sheet vs bath towel comes down to what works for you and your lifestyle. Want more towel tips? Learn about if you should wash sheets and towels together.

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