What Kind of Crib Sheets Are the Best?

By Kelsi Hicken | Oct 28, 2022

What Kind of Crib Sheets Are the Best?

By Kelsi Hicken | Oct 28, 2022

Choose the Best Breathable Crib Sheets for Your Baby

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events you can experience in your life. You’ve probably read all the parenting books, and you’ve most likely tapped all your mom’s and friends’ tips about handling a newborn. Everything from bottles and baby carriers to the types of toys you use can make parenting easier. But new parents will always have one thing top of mind: a night of good, quality sleep. It’s something new parents might feel is out of reach with a newborn, but we’re here to help set you up for success once your baby transitions to sleeping in their very own crib.

Have you thought about the kind of bedding you are buying for your little one? Since many babies don’t graduate to cribs until a few months after birth, a lot of parents leave items like sheets as a later purchase. The types of sheets (and mattress!) you choose can impact your baby.

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    Why Choose Bamboo Viscose Crib Sheets?

    Viscose from bamboo offers a wide variety of benefits that create a great environment in which your baby can rest, but there are also a variety of health benefits associated with a good set of sheets. Extra fluff and a poor-fitting sheet can be dangerous for your child, so you’ll want to make sure you choose tight, fitted sheets. Here are some of the benefits of bamboo viscose crib sheets:

    Durability - It’s easy to grab cute, normal crib sheets, but these often wear out fast in the wash, end up not fitting well, and can bunch up under your baby when they move around in their crib. Since safety is paramount, making sure your sheets are well-fitted is important. Cozy Earth viscose from bamboo bedding is so durable it can last up to 15 years without discoloration!

    Breathable – Babies’ bodies have a harder time regulating temperature and they can easily overheat or become too cold. Viscose from bamboo sheets are breathable and temperature regulating so they can help your baby stay warm during chilly nights and cool on summer evenings. Keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature through the night is essential to an undisturbed sleep.

    Quality – Viscose from bamboo fabric is luxuriously smooth and soft, but it’s also stain-resistant. We know babies can be messy, and between spitting up and leaky diapers, sheets can see a lot of washes! Thanks to stain-resistant properties that prevent fibers from absorbing moisture, cleaning bamboo viscose sheets is easy.

    Are all crib sheets the same size?

    No, not all crib sheets and mattresses come in a standard size so it’s important to check that your sheets will fit. Our breathable crib sheets are a standard fit, so they fit a standard crib mattress of 51 5/8 inches x 27 ¼ inches wide by 5 ½ inches thick. Not all crib sheets are the same quality so it’s important to get sheets that won’t shrink in the wash or lose their elasticity. These can pose a hazard to babies if they bunch up and become loose since they can easily be pulled over a baby’s face and inhibit breathing.

    Bamboo viscose crib sheets are an investment not only for comfort, but for quality sleep. As a new parent, you’ve already overcome many hurdles. Treat yourself (and your little!) with a viscose from bamboo sheet set and see how you and your baby’s sleep evolves when you experience the comfort and silkiness of new bedding.

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