Bed Bug Bedding at

In a world where homes and hotels are fighting bed bug bedding and pesky dust mites, Cozy Earth's silk and bamboo bedding is leading the way by providing a solution that is more comfortable and cleaner than anything available today.

You may have noticed recent news of a bed bug epidemic affecting hotels and homes worldwide. This is caused by bed bug sheets, bed bug bedding, and other microbe-friendly material widely used inside homes and hotels every day. 

Some establishments have taken to using chemical sprays or plastic covers over mattresses that can make you beds hot and uncomfortable. While these approaches are a start they address the symptom and not the disease.

Cozy Earth's silk comforters, bamboo comforters, silk pillows, bamboo duvet covers, and bamboo sheets all provide a solution by repelling the types of bugs that bed bug sheets and bed bug bedding simply cannot. This is thanks to natural enzymes found in both bamboo and silk which repel bed bugs and microbes which are causing the problems.  Envelop yourself in Cozy Earth's exquisitely soft bedding and take a major step forward in eradicating the proliferation of these buggers. By simply choosing Cozy Earth bedding, you can do more to combat the onslaught of these unwelcome bed-time visitors.

Completely Hypoallergenic Bedding!

Did you know that all Cozy Earth bedding is inhospitable to bed bugs and dust mites? even better Cozy Earth bedding is also completely hypoallergenic bedding!

Cozy Earth silk and bamboo bedding is also completely hypoallergenic bedding. Hypoallergenic bedding is not a new innovation but his has long been an area needing improvement until Cozy Earth tackled the issues. In the past buying hypoallergenic bedding meant having to settle for stiff, scratchy, synthetic feeling comforters and sheets that are uncomfortable to sleep under and unfriendly to the environment.

With Cozy Earth bedding you don't have to sacrifice superior comfort of quality to enjoy hypoallergenic bedding. In fact, our premium quality bamboo sheets, bamboo comforters, silk comforters, bamboo duvet cover, and silk pillows are exponentially softer than so-called "Egyptian cotton", healthier, and better for the environment. That's important when each of us spend at least 6 or more hours a day buried in this stuff! Stay Cozy my friends!