Undeniably Soft.
Responsibly Made.

how we make the cozy earth difference with our premium viscose from bamboo

Our Process

At Cozy Earth, we start with selecting only the best suppliers with an eye towards quality, responsible production, cutting edge technology, and premium materials.


Harvest & Prep

Our suppliers cut mature stalks of bamboo and cut them into smaller pieces to better process the fibrous strands inside the stalk.


Press & Dry

The bamboo is washed in a soap that softens the pulp so it can be pressed into parchment-like sheets.



Once the sheets of bamboo pulp are dried, they are milled into a soft, fluffy material. This fibrous cotton-like material is the viscose from bamboo.


Sewing & Finishing

The viscose from the bamboo is then spun into yarn for weaving. The premium viscose fabric is then cut, sewn, and checked for quality.

Cozy Homes,
Happy Hearts

To us, life is not about just creating a great product. We believe it is about living well, living right, and serving others. It’s in the core of every product we craft.

The Cozy Earth Difference

Why Cozy Earth

Ultra-Soft Fabric

Premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric - like a cloud

Perfect Temp

Temperature regulating and moisture wicking fabric

Machine washable

Enhanced weave guaranteed not to pill even after washing

Ethically Made

We pride ourselves on the ethical production of products

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