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Referral Program Questions

Although it may seem too good to be’s actually not! We love our product so much we want you and your friends to love it just as much as us. Once they feel the tee, they fall in love with the product and will thank you for introducing them to their new favorite loungewear and bedding.

Unfortunately these days, many brands have phony promotions just to get free email addresses and you and your friend’s private data. Here, we don’t stand for that! We will NEVER email or text your friends unless they decide they want to receive some great deals. You’re not a piece of data to us, you’re an extension of our Cozy Earth family.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to Get Cozy with our products. Why? Because they solve real life problems for real life people. We understand the high price point, but we do our best to help you and your friends find the best deals possible. Send your friend their free tee and help them sign up for our emails and texts to get their next Cozy Earth product at a great discount.

You can invite as many friends as you want, however, once 3 friends redeem their tees, no other referrals will be eligible to redeem their invite. So make sure your friends redeem quickly!

Once the third friend redeems their tee, an email invitation is automatically sent to you. Click through that email, enter your size, color and before you know it, it will be at your door.

Creating an account simply helps us know who to send the tee to and when to send it to your friend who referred you :)

We had to create a brand new system that had heavy implications on our shipping facility to implement this new referral program. It’s a bit unfortunate, but we tried our best to keep the fees as low as possible. If you add another product to your order, it will qualify for free shipping along with all future purchases :)

Absolutely! Help them stay Cozy all year long. The only person you can’t send a free tee to is yourself.

Please reach out to to give us feedback or suggestions! We love hearing how you feel about our products