Linen Bamboo Box Quilt

Linen Bamboo Box Quilt
Made with Viscose from Bamboo

Fall Sale - 20% Off


or 4 interest-free payments of $72.00 with Afterpay

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Fall Sale - 20% Off

Fall Sale - 20% Off

Linen Bamboo Box Quilt

Linen Bamboo Box Quilt
Made with Viscose from Bamboo


or 4 interest-free payments of $72.00 with Afterpay

Color: Light Grey

Size: Twin



Less is more when it comes to Linen Box Quilt. Woven from the finest blend of bamboo viscose and French flax linen, the quilt's texture, breathability, and softness are perfect for year-round use. Boasting effortless style and lightweight layering, the elegant details of this quilt make it a true must-have for any bedroom. Designed to coordinate with our Linen Box Quilted Sham or mix and match with any of our other beloved bedding collections.

- 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Linen
- 100% Viscose from Bamboo fill
- 5" X 5" box quilt design
- Matching shams sold separately
- Soft washed

Made with 70% Viscose from Bamboo & 30% Linen

Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that feels degrees cooler than cotton - Never worry about hot flashes again!

Our enhanced weave prevents pilling and helps our products last longer

We pride ourselves on the responsible production of all our products

Machine wash cool water using mild / Do not bleach, Iron on low heat if desired / Machine dry in low heat or hang dry. Tumble dry low / Use wool dryer balls / Remove promptly. Excessive washing is unnecessary.

Do your sheets pill? Do your comforters / pillows lump?

Nope. Our bedding, towels, and clothing are all warrantied against pilling, abnormal rips and tears, and workmanship defects. Additionally, you can rest assured any defects are covered and replaced immediately. We stand by our products’ premium quality and longevity.

What are the benefits of your Cozy Earth’s Sheets vs. the competition?

Not all sheets are created equal. What makes Cozy Earth customers so enthusiastic about our bedding is it's noticeably made with superior quality and overall feel that truly enhances sleep, relaxation, and lifestyle. Finer quality fiber, yarns, weaves, and purposeful technology all deliver fabric with exquisite hand (softness), drape, at the ideal temperature.

Do you have a high thread count?

The short answer is yes. But, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. The notion that thread count is always an accurate measurement of softness, strength, and quality is totally inadequate. Any master fabric-maker can tell you that developing premium quality fabrics requires years of R&D to find the right recipe of fiber, yarn, weave, technology, consistency, and quality control. That attention to detail is what Cozy Earth prides itself on and is known for. We’ve literally spent years fine-tuning our fabrics so they ‘wow’ you from the moment you open your delivery to every night after.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

88% Would Recommend

17 Star Ratings

5/5 Comfort Level Out Of 5


June 30, 2023


Love this quilt. It’s lightweight and perfect for summer

Mary D.

June 28, 2023

Perfect to swap in when a comforter is too heavy.

Like all of their products, this quilt is very high quality, I find the weight of it just right and it’s very soft. I will probably get another in a different color.

Natasha A.

June 17, 2023

Heavenly Quilt

I ordered the King size in light grey. When I first received this quilt, my first thought already placed it in a unique category: it is not big and bulky like most quilts: but, I wouldn't categorize it as a throw blanket either. The texture of the quilt is it's own unique softness, it's not fuzzy soft or silky soft, it's bamboo soft. The softness gets softer the longer we have it and wash it! It feels like a cloud when I pick it up all in one bundle, it's Incredible! I pair this quilt with our Cozy Earth sheets and it is HEAVEN! The softness is hard to describe because it's unlike any other softenss I've ever experienced. The sheet and quilt just softly and almost "quietly" fold over you, filling-in each empty space around you. Usually you would expect this kind of cuddle from a very heavy blanket that weighs you down; but this quilt is so light, that's why I can only bring up "clouds" and "heaven" when trying describing it. Because of the lightness, I didn't think it would keep me warm enough; but, it has! I am usually always cold and my husband is usally always hot. My husband loves the temperature of this blanket too. It is not too hot for him, he actually keeps the covers on all night now. Also, my night sweats have disappeared! So now I do not wake up because of hot spots! This is priceless! Another problem that has been solved for me is my plantar fasciitis has gotten better! WHAT does a quilt have to do with plantar fasciitis in my foot, you ask? Those who know, will understand this: the weight of heavy blankets on my foot at night were always painful, no matter what angel I tried to put my foot at, it just hurt; but cold feet were also a problem, so I kept the heavy blankets. This quilt has even solved that problem! My foot no longer aches as I try to fall asleep! I am so grateful! I love this quilt in so many ways! I'll never have another quilt on my bed: we have found Heaven and we are staying here!

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Premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric - like a cloud

Premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric that feels like a cloud

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Perfect Temp
Perfect Sleeping

Temperature regulating and moisture wicking fabric

Temperature regulating and moisture wicking fabric to keep you comfy

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Durable and
Machine Washable

Enhanced weave guaranteed not to pill even after washing

Enhanced weave that is guaranteed not to pill even after washing and drying

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Ethically Made

We pride ourselves on the ethical production of products

We pride ourselves on the ethical production of all Cozy Earth products

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