3 Interesting Facts about Bamboo

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Most people know that bamboo makes up 99% of a panda’s diet, but what else do you know about bamboo? For instance, do you know why bamboo products are environmentally conscientious? Do you know any other reasons why you would use bamboo? What can you make out of bamboo anyway? To answer these questions and more, three interesting facts about bamboo are listed below.

Bamboo helps the environment even more than you might think

Everyone knows that bamboo is a “green” material, but do you know why it’s so eco-friendly? Well, bamboo helps the environment in a couple of ways. First, bamboo is a renewable resource, making it the perfect source material. Second, growing bamboo helps to preserve the earth’s atmosphere. So, how exactly does bamboo accomplish these goals?

To begin with, bamboo doesn’t need very many resources to grow. It is also the world’s fastest growing plant and some species can grow as much as 35 inches per day. Additionally, bamboo is a grass, which means it just grows right back when it is cut down. All of these qualities make bamboo a very sustainable resource. We can grow bamboo back as quickly as we harvest it so we aren’t depleting the earth of her resources.

In addition to being a renewable resource, bamboo helps preserve the atmosphere. One way bamboo helps the atmosphere is by being a cleaner option than cotton. Cotton, one of the world’s largest crops, relies heavily on pesticides to protect it while it grows. These pesticides are released into the air and eat away at the earth’s atmosphere. Bamboo, on the other hand, is never treated with pesticides, so you are essentially reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, bamboo not only reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere; it also helps to repair the damage already done. Bamboo releases up to 35% more oxygen than the same number of trees, which can actually help repair some of the damage caused by greenhouse gases.

Now that you know why bamboo is a green material, let’s look at a couple of other reasons why people use bamboo.

Bamboo is stronger than steel and concrete, making it a fantastic building material

You may be wondering, “How can a willowy reed like bamboo be stronger than steel and concrete?” Yet, it’s true! To prove it, we’ll turn to science.

Scientists measure the strength of a material in two ways. First, they test the tensile strength. Tensile strength is the maximum amount of stress a material can withstand when it is stretched. For instance, bamboo has a tensile strength of 40kN/cm². In comparison, steel’s tensile strength is 37 kN/cm², proving that bamboo is stronger than steel.

After they test the tensile strength, scientists then look at the material’s compression strength. Compression strength is the maximum amount of pressure a material can withstand without breaking. Bamboo’s compression strength is 7.8kN/cm² while concrete’s is only 2.8kN/cm². As you can see, bamboo is significantly stronger than concrete.

Since bamboo is so strong, it’s an incredible building material. For example, bamboo is often used to make furniture, cabinets, and flooring. It has even been used to make bicycle frames, sunglasses, and cell phone cases.

Bamboo can be turned into clothes and bedding that are surprisingly soft, durable, and healthy

In addition to being a fantastic building material, bamboo can be turned into soft textiles such as clothes and bedding. Now, you might initially doubt the idea that bamboo can be made into soft, comfortable fabrics. Something that’s stronger than steel and concrete can’t be all that soft, right? However, bamboo is extraordinarily soft after it has been woven into cloth. Bamboo bedding and clothing are even softer than their cotton counterparts.

Despite being soft, bamboo retains its strength even after it has been turned into clothes and bedding. As a matter of fact, bamboo’s strength lends its textiles a unique quality: durability. For instance, bamboo sheets can last up to 15 years if cared for properly. Most sheets don’t even last a couple years, let alone over a decade!

Lastly, some of the characteristics that make bamboo an eco-friendly material help to make it a healthier fabric option. For instance, bamboo clothes and bedding are hypoallergenic because they have never been treated with pesticides and harsh chemicals. This also means that you never need to worry about chemical residue irritating your skin if you wear bamboo clothing. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about breathing in these chemicals as you sleep because your bamboo bedding was never treated with pesticides. If you want to learn more about how bamboo is a healthier option, read Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Keep Germs out of Your Bed.

In summary, bamboo is a very interesting plant. It helps the environment and is therefore an ideal source to use again and again. It’s also an excellent material because it can be used to make a wide-range of products, from buildings and furniture to clothes and bedding. So, what other interesting facts about bamboo do you know?