5 Ways to Stay Cool During Hot Summer Nights

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Are you in the middle of a heat wave or has your air conditioner cut out? Perhaps you’re trying to live a more eco-friendly and fiscally responsible lifestyle, so you don’t even own an air conditioner. Either way, trying to stay cool on hot summer nights can be challenging. To help you survive blistering nights, here are five ways you can stay cool this summer.


  1. Take a Shower in Cool Water

After baking in your oven of a car on your commute home, the last thing you want is to feel gross and sweaty once you finally make it into your house. So, how do you cool down fast before crawling into bed? The answer is to take a nice, cool shower as soon as you get home. The chill water immediately cools you down and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed for the rest of the night.

However, don’t take an ice cold shower. Just turn the temperature down a little bit. If the water is too cold, you may actually raise your body temperature.

  1. Open Your Windows

The second way to cool down without air conditioning is to open your windows. Opening your windows lets in a cool breeze and allows heat to escape from your home. It’s best to open your windows after the sun sets and keep them open for a few hours before you go to bed.

  1. Use a Fan to Increase Air Flow

To really cool down a room fast, turn on a fan in addition to opening the windows. Combing the two creates a nice cross breeze and significantly increases air circulation. The more the air circulates in your home, the cooler it will feel.

On blistering hot days, you can take it up a notch by hanging a wet towel or placing a bowl of ice water in front of your fan. As the air wafts through or over the water, it picks up the moisture and sends a refreshing mist throughout your room.

  1. Put Your Sheets in the Freezer

Even if you don’t have air conditioning, almost everybody has a freezer and you’re never going to turn your freezer off to conserve energy. So, if it’s going to run anyway, you should use it to help you cool down, right?

Now, we’re not saying that you should stand in front of your freezer to cool down (although, we’ve all done it for a minute or two on the hottest of summer days). Instead, you should just slip your sheets into a Ziploc bag and put them in the freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed. The cool sensation will be heavenly when you crawl into bed at night.

  1. Buy Bamboo Bedding

However, the best way to stay cool all night is to swap out your old, muggy bedding for light, luxurious bamboo sheets. In fact, bamboo bed sheets are so light and airy that you never need to worry about overheating when you’re snoozing under them.

Bamboo is the perfect bedding for scorching summer nights because of its incredible wicking ability. The fibers of bamboo have an open structure, which allows bamboo sheets to efficiently wick heat and moisture away from your bed. Specifically, bamboo bedding reduces the amount of humidity in your bed by a phenomenal 50%, and as we all know, humidity is the enemy when temperatures are sizzling.

What about you? How do you survive hot summer nights? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!