Get the Most Out of Your Bamboo Bedding!

By Kelsi Hicken | Oct 13, 2020

Get the Most Out of Your Bamboo Bedding!

By Kelsi Hicken | Oct 13, 2020

Bamboo is one of the sturdiest fabrics out there. Not only is it softer than cotton, but it lasts much longer too. We believe that good bedding is an investment that should last for a long time while still feeling high-quality. To keep your bamboo bedding as soft as possible for as long as you can, follow these bedding care tips!

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When washing your sheets, avoid using bleach and vinegar-based laundry detergent. This prevents the sheets from becoming damaged by acidic products and ensures that the fabric gets clean without losing any of its quality. You’ll also want to wash them in cool water on a gentle cycle to keep the fibers supple, but strong. Don’t use fabric softener when you wash your sheets—bamboo is naturally so soft, it doesn’t need it!

Although it’s nice to be able to combine laundry loads and lower the amount of times you have to run your washing machine, avoid washing your bamboo sheets with towels—this can make your sheets linty. 

Because of the change in climate and temperature for different seasons,  the amount that you need to clean your sheets varies. During the summer, it’s recommended to wash them every 7-10 days, and during the winter, wash them every two weeks. 

Dry on a low and gentle cycle if you decide to put your sheets in the dryer. Bamboo doesn’t retain wrinkles like cotton, so even if you don’t take your bamboo sheets out of the dryer immediately, it’ll only take a few hours for them to become wrinkle-free. 

Pro tip: Hang dry in sunlight every 4-6 months—this makes the fibers naturally expand and rejuvenates the freshness of the sheets. 

For being so soft and durable, bamboo bedding is easy to take care of! By following these instructions, your bamboo sheets and blankets can last for years with the same feel that they had when you first bought them. Make your sleep even better with Cozy Earth’s bamboo bedding!

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