Linen vs Bamboo Sheets

By Samantha Gleave | Jul 29, 2022

Linen vs Bamboo Sheets

By Samantha Gleave | Jul 29, 2022

Linen vs Bamboo Sheets

So you’re in the market for some new sheets and are looking for an upgrade from the cheap, big-box bed sheets you’ve been sleeping on for years. You’ve read all sorts of claims to greatness about different bedding materials, but you still have questions. Here we break down the differences between bamboo vs linen sheets and what to expect from each.

Bed with Cozy Earth bamboo bed sheets and comforter

What is Linen?

Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant. It’s 100% natural, made from flax plant fibers, and if it is not dyed then it is fully biodegradable. Linen is also strong, lightweight, and naturally moth resistant. Fibers are extracted from the stalks of flax plants and tend to be pretty thick, so once they are processed and formed into bedding, they’re typically not given a thread count (since it’s an unreliable measure) but are assigned a weight for better accuracy. There's also a new blend of bamboo linen sheets that combine some of the best features of each into one product.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo, is well, bamboo. Its fibers are turned into textiles with the help of a robust manufacturing process. Cozy Earth utilizes a closed loop process and ensures final products are premium quality and are free of toxins.

Differences Between Linen vs Bamboo Sheets

Some of the biggest similarities and differences seen in bamboo vs linen comes down to material performance. 

Temperature - Bamboo is naturally water-resistant and is usually a preferred material for hot sleepers or those experiencing night sweats. Its temperature-regulating properties can wick away heat and moisture to reduce humidity in your bed by 50%!

Absorbency – Linen is known for its absorbency, while bamboo is naturally water-resistant. This makes bamboo an ideal product for people that have breakfast in bed and are prone to spilling their morning coffee, wine, or for anyone with children.

Mother and daughter snuggled up in bed under Cozy Earth sheets

Durability – Both materials are durable, soft, not prone to shedding or pilling, and are long-lasting. Part of what makes both bamboo stronger and more durable is the way in which it is weaved, and the natural strength and elasticity bamboo fibers offer.

Comfort – Typically, bamboo is softer, while linen has more of a crisp, textured feel. However, the weave that intertwines fibers to be formed into bedding also contributes. A sateen weave will make bamboo sheets feel even softer and luxurious.

Processing – Although both materials are derived of natural fibers, linen undergoes a lengthier and more labor-intensive processing to create a final product. Both bamboo and linen are an eco-friendly material that don’t require harsh pesticides or chemicals during the growing process.

If you’re still on the fence on linen vs bamboo bed sheets, read more about the pros and cons of bamboo bed sheets and take advantage of our 100 Night Sleep Guarantee. We’re confident that once you try our bamboo bed sheets, you won’t be returning them. 😊

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