Linen vs Bamboo Bed Sheets

By Samantha Gleave | Mar 9, 2021

Linen vs Bamboo Bed Sheets

By Samantha Gleave | Mar 9, 2021

This past summer I decided to finally tackle our master bedroom but mainly our bed. We had lived in our place for about a year at this point and I had left our bedroom for last since my husband and I are the only people that see it. To give you an idea of our bed situation, we had an old set of white Costco sheets, some lumpy sleep pillows, and a box quilted duvet insert with no cover. It wasn’t very cute or very comfortable.

Bed with Cozy Earth bamboo bed sheets and comforter

I knew the bare minimum about bedding and bedding textiles when I decided to do this so I began researching like crazy. I found out the list of fabrics used for bedding was extensive. There was bamboo, linen, percale, sateen, microfiber, Egyptian cotton, jersey knit, 100% organic cotton, etc. The list goes on. But from my research I narrowed it down to bamboo and linen and then took a deeper dive into both of those. 

Before all of this, I remembered hearing about Cozy Earth’s bamboo bedding through a favorite influencer I follow and trust. I had also heard that their sheets were one of Oprah’s favorite things. That had to mean something. So I started leaning towards them if I went with bamboo sheets. But then I would see dreamy linen sheet-filled bedscapes on Pinterest and Instagram and it made me so torn! What was the real difference and did it matter? 

I then remembered talking to a friend that had linen sheets from Parachute who mentioned they were extremely hot so if you are a hot sleeper, they are the worst. Well, my husband runs hotter than anyone I know and I sometimes do too so linen sheets were probably out of the question for us. Still, I wasn’t completely sure or ready to write them off just yet. Around this time I just happened to be traveling to Austin, TX to visit a friend and found out that Parachute had a brick and mortar shop there which gave me the perfect opportunity to at least touch some linen before I completely closed the door on them.

In the meantime I began reading tons of reviews on Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets and checked all the facts. I read that people had never touched anything softer. They were also temperature regulating so people had never slept better. Comments including the words “antimicrobial” and “stain resistant” also stood out to me. But they were PRICEY and I wanted to be sure about them before I pulled the trigger because no doubt I’d have some explaining to do to my husband on why I spent that much on a set of sheets. 

Back to my trip to Austin, I was able to feel Parachute’s linen and while they were beautiful I knew immediately that they wouldn’t work for sheets. It confirmed to me that bamboo was the only option. What ultimately got me to finally commit to Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets was their 100 night return window. I figured if we didn’t like them for some reason or just felt like they weren’t worth it then we’d just return them. Simple. So I ended up ordering them without telling my husband. I knew the fact that we could easily return them for free would chill him out if he ended up getting mad. 

Mother and daughter snuggled up in bed under Cozy Earth sheets

Fast forward to when we received the sheets. My husband asked how much I spent and, as I predicted, he got mad but then relaxed once I told him about the return policy. I’m telling you, though, that’s how Cozy Earth gets you because once you use the product once, you’ll never want to give it up. My husband (who is the cheapest person when it comes to house things) will now tell you they are worth every penny and that he can’t sleep on anything else. What’s more, they’ve somehow gotten even softer with each wash.  

In hindsight, I don’t know why I waited so long to upgrade our bedding! What you sleep on is actually so important - it’s where you spend about ⅓ of your life! Investing in the right bedding has made the quality of our sleep (and lives) significantly better. So my last piece of advice is, invest in yourself by prioritizing what you sleep on. You wont regret it. 

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