The Steps Used for Converting Bamboo into Bamboo Cloth & Bedding

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Bamboo bedding is a craze nowadays. Everyone who opts for environmentally friendly ways picks bedding made either out of bamboo or out of silk. However, have you wondered what it takes to convert bamboo into such durable, yet extremely soft comforters and sheets?


There is an elaborate process using which bedding manufactures convert the bamboo grass into fine bedding. The process is so refined that there is no chemical required to complete the process.

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The result is 100% materials being produced. Bamboo bedding with its amazing properties promises to be one of the best materials of the future. The infographic here tries to explain the process of bamboo being converted into fabric, yarn and then cloth.

The steps are simple enough to understand the entire process in a matter of minutes. Simply explained as a diagram, the infographic also talks about the certification that bamboo goes through when being converted into cloth.

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Converting Bamboo into Bamboo Cloth Bedding

This Infographic is created by Cozy Earth talks about manufacturing of products like Bamboo sheet, Bamboo comforter and silk sheet.


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