Top Three Luxurious Beddings

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There are three top contenders for high quality bedding: silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo. You may be surprised by that last one, but bamboo shares many of the characteristics that make silk and Egyptian cotton so desirable. So, what are these traits that set these luxurious beddings apart?

Well, in order to be truly classified as high end, a product needs to surpass its competition in some significant way. For bedding, that means the fabric needs to be notably softer, stronger, and more breathable than traditional cotton or synthetic blends – and as you’ll see below, silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo dramatically beat their competition in all three of these categories.


First, what makes these higher end materials softer than traditional fabrics? The answer lies in the fibers themselves. Silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo all have long-strand fibers. These long strands create more uniform, smoother, and lighter weight threads. As a result, these upscale bed sets are inherently softer than their cheaper counterparts.

While having a softer texture is nice, what really sets silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo apart is that they manage to be sumptuously soft and incredibly strong. Most bed sets are either soft, but wear out easily, or they’re strong and durable, but rough against your skin. However, these luxurious bed sets manage to be both at the same time. You’ve already discovered how these beddings are super soft, so let’s look at how they’re exceptionally strong and durable.


Without getting into too much detail, the molecular structure of these high quality materials is stronger than conventional cotton or synthetic fibers. Incidentally, this strong molecular structure is what allows silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo to form their lightweight, long-strand fibers. Since the fibers themselves are stronger, the bedding made from these fabrics is also stronger and more durable.

However, the molecular structure of the fibers isn’t the only factor that makes silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo bedding exceptionally strong. The weaving technique used to make these luxury beddings also helps.

To weave high end bedding, the long-strand threads are stretched across the entire length of the sheet or blanket. The thread ends are then securely anchored along the edges of the fabric. Consequently, silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo bed sets never pill or tear like standard bed sets.

More Breathable

Finally, silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo are more breathable than typical bed sets. Like the characteristics described above, this trait ties back to the fibers themselves.

Since the long-strand fibers are smooth and lightweight, it’s easier to weave them into a more open structure without sacrificing the soft texture. This open structure allows more air to circulate through the bedding, which keeps you more comfortable at night. With silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo bedding, you never need to worry about overheating at night.

In summary, silk, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo are significantly softer, stronger, and more breathable than their counterparts because they all have soft, lightweight, and strong fibers. If you want to discover which of these top three bed sets is the absolute best, check out our Infographic: Egyptian Cotton vs. Bamboo Sheets or read Bamboo vs. Silk.


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