What is Mulberry Silk & How Do I Care for it?

By Kelsi Hicken | Nov 21, 2022

What is Mulberry Silk & How Do I Care for it?

By Kelsi Hicken | Nov 21, 2022

What is Mulberry Silk & Where Does It Come From? 

Mulberry silk is a long-fiber silk produced by domesticated silkworms and one of the first-ever animal fibers used by humans. Once fully matured, the worms secrete liquid silk or natural silk fibers. This fiber is extremely lightweight, soft, and absorbent. Mulberry silk is also rich in nutrients, containing over 18 amino acids and protein fibers that benefit human skin and hair, which is why it comes highly recommended by dermatologists. Compared to other silk fibers, mulberry silk is the most luxurious, breathable, and long-lasting when cared for properly. 

Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?

Yes, mulberry silk is 100% real silk. In fact, it's the most luxurious natural silk available and has a notably softer feel than synthetic or blended varieties. 

How to Wash & Care for Mulberry Silk Bedding

Mulberry silk bedding offers luxury, but it’s not as hard to take care of as you may think. Did you know that almost all silk bedding can be cared for in three simple ways? Whether you choose to use a washing machine, dry cleaner, or fresh air and sunshine, carefully caring for your mulberry silk products will ensure your bedding remains soft and luxurious for years to come.

How to Wash a Mulberry Silk Comforter

You can wash a mulberry silk comforter by simply putting it through a rinse cycle in a washing machine. Make sure you don’t use heavy cycles that can damage your bedding. You can also machine dry the comforter as long as you use a delicate cycle on low heat, ideally no higher than 80F. Add wool dryer balls to help break up any clumping that can occur in the drying process. Another option is to have your comforter professionally cleaned. For accidents like spilled coffee, a rinse cycle may not be able to thoroughly remove the stain. A professional dry cleaner will be able to utilize the correct products to maintain the integrity of a mulberry silk comforter while removing deep, stubborn stains.

To keep a mulberry silk comforter fresh, simply air it out in direct sunlight for a couple of hours every few months.

How to Wash a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

You can wash mulberry silk pillowcases on a delicate cycle, but we recommend protecting them with a washing bag. This can help prevent damage like loose threads and tears. We also recommend never mixing colors or washing pillowcases with other materials. If you’re washing all your bedding at once, using the washing bag will help prevent your pillowcases from getting tangled up with other items.

For best results, air or line-dry mulberry silk pillowcases. You can iron them on the lowest warmth setting to help restore their sheen and suppleness after drying.

Bed with two pillows

How to Wash a Mulberry Silk Pillow

To ensure the quality and lifespan of your silk pillow, we recommend only spot cleaning. Spot treatment can be done by mixing cool water with a teaspoon of your favorite dish soap (Dawn Dish Soap works well for oily stains). Dip a small section of clean paper towel into the soapy mixture and blot the stain. Repeat as often as necessary. If further cleaning is necessary, a trip to the dry cleaner should do the trick!

Cozy Earth Pro Tip

Keep your mulberry silk bedding safe by always avoiding these products during cleaning: Bleach, fabric softener, optical brighteners, or detergents with harsh ingredients such as protease, enzymes, or alkalines. Laundering mulberry silk bedding with these products can damage and discolor silk fibers.

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