Why Bamboo Bedding Are Greener Than Cotton Bedding?

Posted by Cody Wirth on

While looking at the bamboo, no one can ever fantasize that this hard, long and bizarre looking grass can ever be converted into cozy, soft and beautiful bamboo beddng. Not only this transformation is astonishing, but bamboo is undoubtedly the best as a fabric that can contribute a lot in making the world a greener place. Today, bamboo is used as a perfect raw material for manufacturing bed sheets and bedding products. And, bamboo is an amazingly sustainable alternative for green consumers looking for a substitute for conventional cotton. Why bamboo bedding is greener than cotton bedding?

Let’s find out! Here are a few reasons justifying why bamboo is a greener fabric: 

Bamboo Comforter Bamboo Comforter


•    Bamboo can be grown without harming and using other creatures unlike soft fabrics like silk and cashmere.
•    Bamboo prevents soil erosion and loss of top soil as it grows with a complex network of roots. This helps to project local aquatic systems from excessive run-off.
•    If a bamboo is grown ally, it can supplement and enrich the soil in which it is grown. This also improves the local environment.
•    Bamboo is a rapidly renewable plant that grows amazingly fast and it reaches maturity in very less time. More fiber can be harvested in a single patch of bamboo in less time than any other fiber.
•    Bamboo can be grown without artificial irrigation, unlike cotton, which is one of the most water-hungry crops on the Earth. This aids to preserve groundwater and other water systems in the local community.
•    Bamboo can grow without any human interference or pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Thus, bamboo is far less toxic than conventional cotton.
So, if you are looking for bedding, consider bamboo bedding and bamboo bed sheets.

Where to find it?

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