Catherine Bell’s Search for Soft Sheets

By Riley Seymour | Sep 27, 2017

Catherine Bell’s Search for Soft Sheets

By Riley Seymour | Sep 27, 2017

We all know and love Catherine Bell. She has provided us with endless hours of entertainment in her roles as Mac in Jag, Denise Sherwood in Army Wives, and Cassie in The Good Witch.

In 2017, she wrote about her search for the softest bed sheets and we are humbled and honored that she picked Cozy Earth as her favorite. All we can say is thank you for your kind words and we hope that you continue to sleep soundly under our viscose from bamboo sheets.

Catherine Bell's list of favorite things

So, how did Cozy Earth bamboo viscose sheets become Catherine Bell’s favorite bedding? Quite simply, because Cozy Earth really is the softest bedding you can buy.

The Softest Sheets on the Market Today

To begin with, Cozy Earth bamboo viscose sheets are the softest sheets on the market today. No other sheets can beat the silky smooth texture and soft, plush fibers of viscose from bamboo. When you slip under a set of these sumptuous sheets, you will be shocked at how soft they are.

Moreover, while traditional cotton sheets become rough and scratchy over time, Cozy Earth sheets become even softer. How is that even possible? To answer that, we need to look at how Cozy Earth sheets are different from conventional bed sets.

Conventional bed sets, such as cheap cotton sheets, are made from short-strand fibers. When the sheet is woven, these short-strand fibers are overlapped to give the illusion of one long thread stretching across the length of the sheet. However, this process leaves thousands of loose thread ends scattered throughout the body of the fabric. Over time, these rough thread ends work themselves out of the sheet, grating against your skin until you can’t bear it anymore.

What Makes Them So Soft?

Cozy Earth sheets are only made from premium, long-strand bamboo viscose. That means each silky bamboo viscose thread stretches across the entire length of the fabric and every thread end is securely anchored along the edge of the sheet.

As a result, the wear and tear that would destroy traditional sheets actually makes viscose from bamboo bedding softer. Since the thread ends are securely fastened, the viscose from bamboo fibers are allowed to open up without unraveling whenever they undergo strain. Consequently, Cozy Earth sheets become softer over time, even after going through the washing machine numerous times.

Soft Yet Durable

Bamboo viscose sheets never pill or tear because of this unique weaving process. To discover more about the incredible durability of Cozy Earth’s premium viscose from bamboo bedding, check out our How Long Do Bamboo Viscose Sheets Last? post.

Cozy Earth sheets are the softest sheets you can find because they’re made from the incredibly soft fibers of long-strand viscose from bamboo. You don’t have to take our word for it, though – just ask Catherine Bell!

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