Creative Uses for Tote Bags

By Riley Seymour | Aug 28, 2023

Creative Uses for Tote Bags

By Riley Seymour | Aug 28, 2023

One of the perks of being a Cozy Earth fan is receiving your products in high-quality fabric bags. As part of our focus on sustainability, reusable Cozy Earth bags are a must! But what can you do with them once you're using your new favorite sheets that come packaged in our totes? Let us inspire you with our favorite uses for tote bags.

Helpful Uses for Cozy Earth Bags

  • Organize your back seat. Whether you drive a sportscar or an SUV, you probably have a lot of little items you keep in your car. From a small umbrella in case of rain to emergency hand sanitizer, you can keep them all neatly stored in your zippered Cozy Earth tote.
  • Carry a child's toys. When your little one has outgrown their diaper bag but still has a handful of items they must bring everywhere – I'm looking at you, floppy puppy – throw them in your little tote, zip it up, and let them play on the go. Our totes are sturdy enough to stand up to a toddler, even during a rough day.
  • Create a convenient toiletry kit for overnight guests. If you have limited space in your guest bedroom but want to offer special treatment to visitors, put clean face towels, new soap, and travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash in a tote and hang it on the closet door.
  • Keep your writing tools in one place. Whether you're working on your next novel or love making lists to keep life's little tasks straight, a small tote is perfect for collecting notepads, favorite pens, and even an e-ink tablet. You can take it room to room with you or toss it in the car on the way to the coffee shop down the street, so you'll never have to worry about where you left your pen!
  • Pack snacks for a trip. If you're jet-setting to an exotic location or simply heading to a park for the afternoon, Cozy Earth tote bags are the perfect size for carrying a couple bottles of water, your favorite snacks, and hand wipes. Just pack and go!
  • Simplify your day in the sun. Nothing beats an afternoon by the water! Whether at the beach or by the pool, our lined totes are just the right size for carrying your favorite beverage, the next book on your to-be-read list, and your favorite shades.

Cozy Earth reusable tote bag leaning against a chair

Tote Bag Gift Basket Ideas

What's better than surprising someone with a gift in a paper bag that will head straight to the recycle bin? How about using a versatile, reusable tote bag to wrap the gift instead? Here are some creative tote bag gift ideas that allow you to spread the love and cull your collection.

  • Spa Day gift bag: Gather luxury bath items, from your favorite loofah to indulgent bath bombs. Don't forget to include our Waffle Hair Towel to protect their tresses while they soak in the tub.
  • Local favorites goodie bag: Grab a favorite local beverage and add a few foods your state is known for – for example, Vermont maple syrup or Montana huckleberries – to create a unique gift for an out-of-town friend.
  • Sweet dreams sleep bag: Let them know you care about their wellness with a gift that says, "I want you to rest well." You could include lavender essential oil products to promote relaxation, a compact white noise machine to cover outside noises, and one of our super soft Serenity Sleep Masks to block out visual distractions.
  • Baby shower sweetness: You can create a big gift with lots of little necessities for a new mom. Our Cozy Earth bags can hold pacifiers, baby wipes, little plush animals, soft books, teething rings, bottles, and more!
  • Midwinter cozy at home bag: Include everything they'd want to have a quiet night at home, like Cozy Earth plush lounge socks, a cozy mystery novel, decaffeinated hot tea, decadent chocolates, and our ultra-soft Cloud Knit Blanket.

If you're still wondering what to do with extra tote bags, you can donate them to charitable organizations and non-profits like Goodwill, thrift stores, and libraries. Check local resources for where to donate reusable bags near you.

We hope these uses for tote bags inspire you to be creative with your collection of reusable Cozy Earth bags. Get in touch and let us know how you've used yours!

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