How to Fold a Sheet Set

By Kelsi Hicken | Aug 18, 2022

How to Fold a Sheet Set

By Kelsi Hicken | Aug 18, 2022

Folding a fitted sheet can seem like a daunting task. Oftentimes, people get frustrated and just shove the sheet into a drawer or cabinet, wrinkling it and taking up unnecessary space. This step-by-step guide will not only teach you how to become a pro at folding sheets, but it will also help to maximize your storage space!

Step 1: Lay out the fitted sheet with the elastic side up. 

Step 2: Pull the two bottom corners inside out. 

Step 3: Tuck bottom corners into top corners so that the sheet is folded in half. 

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Part 1

Step 4: Stick arms into the pockets of each corner.

Step 5: Extend arms out to the sides.

Step 6: Join the two corners by placing your hands together.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Part 2

Step 7: Flip one corner over the other so that both corners are draped on one arm. All of the elastic is now aligned at one corner. 

Step 8: Lay the folded sheet down on a flat surface. The elastic should make an ‘L’ shape toward the top left corner. Fold into thirds (fold in top first to conceal messy edge). 

Step 9: Fold into thirds again and you have a perfectly folded fitted sheet!

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Part 3

Keeping Your Set Together

There are many methods for keeping sheet sets together that are all very simple and contribute to space-saving:

  • Option 1: Place your folded sheets inside the pillowcase and tuck the excess pillowcase under. (It’s now wrapped up as a soft convenient package!)
  • Option 2: Fold pillowcase into thirds lengthwise and wrap around folded sheets (like a present!)
  • Option 3: Simply fold the pillowcase and stack it on top of the other sheets

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By following these steps for perfectly folding sheets, you can not only keep them from wrinkling, but you can also minimize the space that they take up in a closet or drawer. Feeling tidy and organized can take as little as a nicely folded sheet set!

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