Cool Sheets For Hot Flashes

By Kelsi Hicken | Aug 29, 2022

Cool Sheets For Hot Flashes

By Kelsi Hicken | Aug 29, 2022

Hot flashes are unpleasant, and they affect a wide variety of people, including women that are pregnant or going through menopause. Sometimes, the best way to find relief is to find a way to cool down. Although hot flashes might not last long, finding quick relief whether you’re sleeping, driving, or at work can make a huge difference to your comfort. 

Hundreds of products claim to provide relief, but which ones actually work? To help you sort through the chaos, here are a few products that can make hot flashes feel like less of a burden. 

Cool Sheets for Hot Flashes 

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, trying desperately to escape the oppressive heat bearing down on you? You are not alone. Many women going through menopause experience these hot flashes, as well as soon-to-be mothers, and post-partum women. Hormonal disruptions can cause these hot flashes but there are ways you can reduce the severity and frequency of these nightly interruptions.  

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What bedding do you use for night sweats? 

Bamboo viscose bedding is an excellent option to minimize night sweats because it can help keep you comfortable at night since the material is temperature regulating. Bamboo viscose can help maintain a consistent body temperature by wicking away excess heat and moisture. As a matter of fact, viscose from bamboo wicks away heat and moisture at twice the rate of cotton, reducing the humidity in your bed by 50% and making it the best bedding for menopause. 

What is best duvet for night sweats?

Don't give up sleeping with a duvet when you're suffering from hot flashes at night. Simply invest in a better quality duvet that allows for breathability so you don't trap heat and humidity. A bamboo viscose or silk comforter will help prevent uncomfortable nights that cause you to wake up to throw off your covers only to wake again because you're cold.

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Cooling Scarves 

Now that you’ve taken care of your nightly hot flashes, how do you deal with them during the day? Want a discreet yet effective way to cool down? Try cooling scarves. These scarves are filled with gel beads that cool you down whenever you’re experiencing a hot flash. 

So, how do cooling scarves work? Simply submerge or pour water onto the scarf, allowing the gel beads to soak in the moisture. Then, you towel dry the outside of the scarf and put it on. Whenever you experience a hot flash, your body heat causes the water in the beads to evaporate. As the water evaporates, it pulls the excess heat away from your body, helping you cool down. 

Wherever you are, these simple scarves can be a discreet and stylish way of managing the effect of hot flashes. 

Bamboo Viscose Clothing 

Viscose from bamboo loungewear and clothing can help reduce your body temperature when you’re experiencing a hot flash. Breathable clothing made of bamboo fabric allows humidity (sweat) to move away from your body, helping you dry more quickly and get you back to your normal self. Women’s bamboo viscose tees, shorts, pants, and dresses are staples in any wardrobe and Cozy Earth’s classic styles mean these pieces are perfect as a work from home outfit or for a relaxing day off. 

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