Top 15 Socially Shared Websites About Organic and Eco-Friendly Products

By Riley Seymour | Sep 28, 2017

Top 15 Socially Shared Websites About Organic and Eco-Friendly Products

By Riley Seymour | Sep 28, 2017

More and more people are buying products that can help them leave less of a carbon footprint on this beautiful planet, and we think viscose from bamboo bedding should be at the top of that list.

Let's get something straight, viscose from bamboo is not the same as a bamboo plant because viscose is not considered environmentally friendly. However, the bamboo plant is pretty great. It grows so fast it is extremely eco-friendly. It can easily grow 2-3 feet in just one day, which means that less land is needed for harvesting. So from a farming standpoint, not bad!

While it can't make the environmental claims of the plant, the very feel of viscose from bamboo bedding puts this type of bedding in the luxury category and will change the way you sleep.

Cozy Earth admires and seeks to follow the example other others looking for better ways to produce great products. Using a social tool, we found the top 15 socially shared articles and websites about how to bulk up in your life and make it more eco-friendly.

Think Green

#1 Green Global Travel

This is a great place to find information and learn more about how we are affecting the Earth just by making poor travel choices. From conservation and climate change to ecotourism, this site will teach you about endangered species and how to make sure you are not a part of the problem during your travels.

#2 Urban Gardens

This is a great site for those out there who were born with a “green” thumb (pun intended). Learn how to grow your own food in the city and how to make environmentally friendly gifts, among many other helpful things.

#3 The Green Divas

There slogan is “low-stress ways to live a deeper shade of green” and that is exactly what you’ll learn from these divas (and dude). From recycling tips to learning what products truly are .

#4 Planet Save

This site will guide you through information from solar energy storage solutions and geothermal energy to top conservation & science jobs.

#5 EcoDiva

EcoDiva has beauty products, such as bath & body, hair, makeup, and skincare. Besides their products being eco-friendly, they use recyclable boxes, use vegetable-based dyes, and plant 17 trees for every ton of cardboard they ship.

#6 Reclaimed Home

Reclaimed Home’s specialty is the reuse of building materials, architectural salvage and found objects. Instead of letting our landfills keep growing with thrown away “junk” they take items and make them brand new.

#7 Groovy Green Livin

Lori Popkewitz Alper is the founder of this environmentally conscience site and shares her knowledge about how to get a greener life and make it a safer place for you and your family.

#8 Mindful Momma

Micaela is the founder of Mindful Momma and spends her time looking for DIY idea, recipes, and projects that have little to no impact on the environment. Learn ways to leave less of a carbon footprint from her throughout your day to day actions.

#9 Chasing Green

Chasing Green shares constructive information on how to make your life more eco-friendly. From ways to make your office more green and natural aftershave alternatives, to planet friendly RV camping trips.

#10 enviroGadget

eviroGADGET is full of helpful eco-friendly information. Learn how to cut power costs around your home, discover eco-friendly makeup, and find out what “ wine” really is.

#11 Get Green - Be Well

Have you been searching for the perfect recipe for lemonade mint cupcakes with lemon butter frosting? Look no further, this site has recipes that will make any “foodie” drool.

#12 has all the information you are looking for to turn over a new [green] leaf (pun, once again, very intended). From bamboo sunglasses to natural and foods and drinks.

#13 A Self Sufficient Life

Have you wondered how long it would take to build a chicken coop? Or how to grow your own emergency food for survival? A Self Sufficient Life has the answers.

#14 Joycott

When you think of tattoos, , vegan, and eco-friendly don’t usually come to mind, but if you are among the “inked” of this world, know that there are natural alternatives to the chemical filled inks that most tattoo parlors use.

#15 Life The Green Way

Everyone knows that plastic can be a burden on the environment. Life The Green Way provides information on how to reduce your use of plastic from water bottles to shopping bags.

Whether you are in the market for products to make your carbon footprint on this planet less harsh, such as bamboo viscose bedding or household cleaners, the websites above will point you in the right direction towards living a greener life.

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