Silk Pillow

Silk Pillow
Made with Viscose from Bamboo

Fall Sale - 20% Off


or 4 interest-free payments of ₡35.159,90 with Afterpay

Fall Sale - 20% Off

Fall Sale - 20% Off

Silk Pillow

Silk Pillow
Made with Viscose from Bamboo


or 4 interest-free payments of ₡35.159,90 with Afterpay

Size: Standard



Say hello to a new kind of sleep experience with our Silk Pillow. Filled with 100% long-strand mulberry silk and shelled with premium bamboo viscose. Our luxury silk pillow is naturally breathable, helping your head maintain a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the night, resulting in more restful sleep. 


  • Fabric Shell: 100% Premium viscose from bamboo fabric
  • Filling: 100% Mulberry Silk – made exclusively for Cozy Earth.
  • Filling stays consistent and has a warranty against shifting

Made with 100% Silk

Oprah described our bedding as the “softest EVER”

Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that feels degrees cooler than cotton - Never worry about hot flashes again!

Our enhanced weave prevents pilling and helps our products last longer

We pride ourselves on the responsible production of all our products

Care Instructions: Spot clean or dry clean. The use of a protective pillowcase is strongly recommended and required to validate the manufacturer's extended warranty. Regular or excessive washing of our pillow is unnecessary if you are using and washing your pillowcase. For questions or more detailed care instructions, please contact us at

Do your sheets pill? Do your comforters / pillows lump?

Nope. Our bedding, towels, and clothing are all warrantied against pilling, abnormal rips and tears, and workmanship defects. Additionally, you can rest assured any defects are covered and replaced immediately. We stand by our products’ premium quality and longevity.

What are the benefits of your Cozy Earth’s Sheets vs. the competition?

Not all sheets are created equal. What makes Cozy Earth customers so enthusiastic about our bedding is it's noticeably made with superior quality and overall feel that truly enhances sleep, relaxation, and lifestyle. Finer quality fiber, yarns, weaves, and purposeful technology all deliver fabric with exquisite hand (softness), drape, at the ideal temperature.

Do you have a high thread count?

The short answer is yes. But, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. The notion that thread count is always an accurate measurement of softness, strength, and quality is totally inadequate. Any master fabric-maker can tell you that developing premium quality fabrics requires years of R&D to find the right recipe of fiber, yarn, weave, technology, consistency, and quality control. That attention to detail is what Cozy Earth prides itself on and is known for. We’ve literally spent years fine-tuning our fabrics so they ‘wow’ you from the moment you open your delivery to every night after.

Silk Pillowcase
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Bamboo Pillowcases

Made with Bamboo Viscose

Customer Ratings & Reviews

93% Would Recommend

484 Star Ratings

5/5 Comfort Level Out Of 5

Grant S.

August 6, 2023

Silk pillow, king

I got this for my wife because she has sensitive skin. She absolutely loves it. I like it too due to me sliding over in the middle of the night trying to get her to share

Sandy b.

August 5, 2023

Best pillow in the world

Best pillow ever, I finally gave up my tempurpedic pillow for this one. I am seriously impressed!

Laurel K.

August 1, 2023

Worth It

Worth it!! We sleep so good. I thought I’d want a thicker pillow when I first opened it but after sleeping on it, I quickly changed my mind.

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The Cozy Earth Difference

Why Cozy Earth

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Premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric - like a cloud

Premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric that feels like a cloud

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Perfect Temp
Perfect Sleeping

Temperature regulating and moisture wicking fabric

Temperature regulating and moisture wicking fabric to keep you comfy

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Machine Washable
Durable and
Machine Washable

Enhanced weave guaranteed not to pill even after washing

Enhanced weave that is guaranteed not to pill even after washing and drying

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Ethically Made

We pride ourselves on the ethical production of products

We pride ourselves on the ethical production of all Cozy Earth products

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