Bamboo Viscose vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

By Kelsi Hicken | Jan 12, 2021

Bamboo Viscose vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

By Kelsi Hicken | Jan 12, 2021

Bamboo Viscose vs Egyptian Cotton 

Bamboo viscose and Egyptian cotton, as well as silk, are the most luxurious materials you can use for bedding. Known for soft, silky threads that some claim result in the deepest, most restful sleep, sleeping on quality bedding is an investment worth making. The only question is, which fabric is the better option?

Bed between two nightstands with white, Cozy Earth bamboo duvet cover

Egyptian Cotton vs Cotton 

Egyptian cotton sheets are typically known as the most luxurious of sheets. But, how do the differ from cotton?  

  • Egyptian cotton is handpicked instead of picked by a machine. This reduces the risk of splicing fibers since it’s more delicate and it protects the integrity of the threads, resulting in improved durability. 
  • Egyptian cotton has a smaller diameter, which means there are more threads per square inch, resulting in a higher thread count. 
  • Egyptian cotton is more porous, meaning colors stay vibrant longer. 
  • Certified Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt, along the Nile River Valley however, the plant can also be found in areas of South America. The main difference will be that the cotton originating from Egypt will have longer fibers. 

Why Choose Bamboo Viscose Over Egyptian Cotton? 

Softness – Both Egyptian cotton and bamboo viscose fabric are incredibly soft. The main difference is that Egyptian cotton needs to have a higher thread count whereas viscose from bamboo is soft even with a lower thread count. Unless you’re buying high thread count Egyptian cotton, regular cotton is usually rougher at first and needs time and washes to help it become softer. 

Durability – Viscose from bamboo fabric is known for its durability. It is less likely to pill with use, especially if you take proper care of your bedding. Meanwhile, Egyptian cotton is also easy to take care of, much like regular cotton, but tends to wear out faster than bedding made of bamboo viscose 

Temperature-Regulation – Bamboo viscose fabric is more temperature regulating and prevents overheating while you sleep by wicking away moisture and preventing body heat from getting trapped in fabric fibers. Cotton tends to retain more heat and it is moisture-absorbing. 

Environmental ImpactBamboo grows very, very quickly, so when it is harvested to produce fabric, it's easy to replace. It is also naturally resistant to pests and bacteria. On the other hand,  cotton, while easy to grow, requires pesticides and is often referred to as the world’s dirtiest crop. 

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