Are Viscose from Bamboo Sheets Cooling?

By Kelsi Hicken | Jul 14, 2022

Are Viscose from Bamboo Sheets Cooling?

By Kelsi Hicken | Jul 14, 2022

How Bamboo Viscose Regulates Your Temperature

Whether you’re in the midst of a muggy summer, are facing night sweats, or are just a naturally hot sleeper, finding the right temperature-regulating sheets can make a big difference to your comfort. When you wake up repeatedly throughout the night to kick off burdensome blankets, only to wake up a few hours later shivering, you don’t get the uninterrupted sleep you deserve.

The answer – switch to temperature regulating sheets that can help balance heat, so you don’t get stiflingly hot or freezing cold at night. What types of fabric should you look for? Well, viscose from bamboo makes excellent temperature control sheets.


Are Bamboo Viscose Sheets Cooling?

Yes! Hot sleepers can rejoice. Bamboo viscose has the amazing ability to regulate your temperature and keep you cool all night long so you can finally get the sleep you deserve.


How Does Bamboo Viscose Regulate Your Body Temperature?

Modern thermostat set to 63 degrees

Well, before we can explain that, we first need to understand why sweating cools your body down and what happens when you sleep under traditional bedding that causes you to overheat.

Your body starts to sweat when your environment becomes too warm, and those tiny beads of sweat that sit on the surface of your skin and evaporate. Under certain types of bedding the sweat absorbs and becomes trapped in the material, meaning your sweat can’t evaporate, and your body can’t naturally cool itself.

The trapped moisture also reflects body heat back to you, which creates that muggy, humid feeling that causes you to wake up in discomfort. It’s best to stick to natural fibers, like bamboo viscose, cotton, linen, and silk to stay cool. That’s what makes these fabrics a better choice for hot sleepers over synthetic materials.


Do viscose from bamboo sheets keep you cool?

Bamboo Viscose sheets and comforters keep you cool because they work to wick away heat and moisture, before you get too hot. Bamboo viscose doesn’t trap heat the way some traditional bedding materials can, which makes it a great option for temperature regulating sheets. Naturally cooling sheets are also great for hot flashes, especially when paired with lightweight bamboo viscose pajamas.


Are bamboo viscose blankets warm?

If you naturally run on the colder side, you may be wondering if bamboo viscose bedding is for you, since it’s often thought of as a cooler material. To be clear, bamboo viscose products do keep you warm, and the reason they’re considered “cooling” is simply because they are excellent at temperature control. A bamboo viscose blanket will still keep you warm, but you should prevent you from overeating.

Viscose from bamboo comforters are popular because of the same reason. They offer excellent temperature regulating features that wick away excess heat, meaning sleepers get to experience consistency throughout the night, leading to longer, more continuous sleep.

Still unsure if bamboo viscose sheets will offer the cooling experience you need? Cozy Earth’s 100 night sleep guarantee means that if you’re not satisfied you’ll be able to return or exchange your products.

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